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Wayan Garvey

Founder & Partner, Global Strategy

Wayan is co-founder of the leading ICO advisory service TokenMagic. Wayan is also a first generation LP in Pantera’s ICO fund, Polychain Capital, and Blockchain Capital.

In 2017 he was involved in more than 60 ICO’s as either an investor, an advisor, or a contributor to the protocols technology development using his own tech teams.

Wayan launched his first startup at Stanford in the 90s. Over the last 20 years, Wayan has built Impro into the most technically sophisticated wholesale toner trading businesses in the world employing over 150 staff in 6 countries.

Stanford University BS pending after dropping out to launch his first startup in 1998.

Juan Bruce

Managing Partner

Juan started working with startups in the 90s at Stanford and continued at BMW’s Technology Office Silicon Valley and the renowned design firms IDEO and Continuum. Most recently Juan was the founder and CEO of the venture backed media tech startup Epoxy.

Juan founded and led Robert Downey Jr.’s first Downey Ventures fund with 4x returns. Juan also founded First Cut VC and has been an active startup advisor for the last decade.

Juan is trained as both an engineer and designer with a focus on UX and UI. Juan has designed and engineered technology products for companies including Apple, BMW, Palm, Handspring, P&G, Sony, Tivo, and Toyota.

Stanford University BS Design, MS Engineering, and MBA.

Bill Kline

Founder & Partner, Investments

Bill started investing in crypto when there were only three coins. He was an early Bitcoin miner and DASH master-node holder. Bill has invested in several hundred crypto projects and has constructed a highly diversified, high performing portfolio. He has become well-known in blockchain circles and has mentored multiple ICO teams. Bill is co-founder of the leading advisory service firm TokenMagic.

Bill has founded and led two telecom startups, including Cayo Communications, which manages voice and data networks for large national health care companies.

Ohio State and Franklin University.

Wesley Pryor, CPA

Partner, Trading

Wesley is a cryptocurrency evangelist with over five years experience in the space as an investor, trader, miner, and system designer. He first learned about blockchain as a grad student and built his first Bitcoin mining machine in his teaching assistant office.

Wesley has advised three ICOs with an aggregate closing of $50m+ and led a team of 12 blockchain engineers. Identified a massive ICO fraud in 2017 as part of investment due diligence.

He designed one of the first multi-crypto asset trading funds, developed first fully automated crypto asset portfolio accounting system, created issuer-oriented market making algorithm, and actively traded on over thirty centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Holder of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation with experience at PwC.

David Grider, CFA

Partner, Research & Analytics

David is an expert in the areas of token economics, fundamental crypto valuation and blockchain technology research. He has advised numerous crypto projects on the development of their system design and token economic models.

He was previously a financial instrument valuation specialist at PwC, providing portfolio valuation consulting work to Fortune 500 financial institutions, venture capital funds, and middle market corporate debt and equity.

David began his career in investment banking where he performed equity research on companies in the technology and media space. He later joined a capital markets desk and worked on the successful completion of transactions that raised more than $200 million for emerging tech and life sciences companies.

Holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Evan Owens

Partner, Operations

Evan was the founder and CEO of the ticketing startup Pogoseat. Evan has also served as COO of The Atlantic Clinic and First Cut VC. Evan is an active investor in technology startups for a family office.

Evan first began exploring crypto in 2014 after discussing the space with his CTO and being immersed in the emerging crypto startup culture in Los Angeles. He has strong ties to crypto founders, engineers, and investors including DNA in Los Angeles, Consensys in NYC, and TokenMagic.

Evan started his career as a trader on the NYSE. University of San Diego, BA Philosophy.

Shavneet Singh


Shavneet spent over 8 years working in software development with SAP Labs, India.

As an early proponent of decentralized technology, Shavneet has built products based on blockchain and cryptographic technology.

He has developed proprietary tools for examining blockchains, trading and crypto markets.

Shavneet has been an early Indian investor in crypto projects and is a moderator of the largest crypto Facebook group in India.

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirrappalli, Bachelor in Technology

Tyler Morris, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Tyler has considerable capital markets experience having audited multiple investment banks, broker-dealers, and M&A transactions. Mr. Morris previously worked for the global accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers. At PwC, Tyler was in charge of performing financial analysis and testing over various company’s financial statements, control and regulatory attestations, and managed the day-to-day relationships with top executives of clients. Tyler has thorough knowledge related to business operations and has leveraged his technical finance/audit skills to obtain a deep understanding of cryptoeconomics and decentralized protocols.

B.A. and Masters in Accounting from the University of Florida. Tyler is a Certified Public Accountant and holds the licenses for the Series 7 & 63.

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